Jem Restaurant

2931 Swede Road East Norriton, PA
Swede Square Shopping Center


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About Us

Welcome back to the 50's. We hope that you look around and find yourself taken back to another time, back to the "good old days" when "surfing" was done in the ocean and the "web" was something a spider built. Back to a time when there were no cell phones or electronic devices and friends and family had conversations with each other across the table. Some of you will remember it well, others can only imagine. Whatever generation you are from, we hope your time here is a memorable one. We strive to provide you with quality food, prompt courteous service, and an enjoyable experience.

We have owned and operated the Jem since 1974, when it was a tiny 25 seat capacity eatery. Our business, as our family, has grown beyond our dreams. In 1989, with a lot of luck and support, we expanded to the restaurant you see now.

In 2014, we were thrown a curve ball when Tony was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease which took him out of commission for some time. He has returned to the Jem in a new capacity, he is now our "Good Will Ambassador" and walks around checking on things and enjoys meeting new people. With the love and support of our family and our loyal friends of the Jem, we carry on. Our son, Bo, and daughter, Lisa, can be found here most days carrying the torch. Our oldest son, Michael, after living in London for a few years, is now living in Philadelphia.  Our grandchildren, Julia and Jackson and Lucas are the joy of our lives and one day, who knows... you may find them behind the counter with their aprons on.

If you are new here, we thank you for stopping in and hope to see you again soon. If you are one of our "regulars," whether you come here every day or once a month, we appreciate your patronage and your friendship. You are the reason these doors have opened every day for the past 40 years.